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About Us

Hey friends! Thank you so much for being here, let us introduce ourselves! We are Alex and Mary, cousins and owners of 2313 Glitter Ave. We started 2313 Glitter Ave (pronounced twenty three thirteen glitter ave) in 2015 doing vinyl monograms on Etsy and over the years have evolved into the women's clothing boutique we are today! We hand pick every item with you in mind from regular + plus size clothing to jewelry and gifts. Our mission is to provide affordable boutique fashion to women of all sizes as well as full fit reviews on a multitiude of body types via our live sales. We've said it from the beginning but Glitter Ave is SO much more than clothes! GA is about fostering self love and body positivity, being kind and lifting each other up with cute clothes on the side ;) The clothes you wear should show your personality and make you feel like the beautiful woman you are, not bring you down or make you feel poorly about yourself. We bring in flattering new arrivals for all body types every single day and showcase them on our live sales!    

When we started this business we lived in two different states and would facetime for hours at a time making new products, planning and working. Mary was a new mom and Alex was a marketing director at a bank and we ran Glitter Ave very much as hobby. It quickly became much more than we had planned, Alex quit her job and we dove head first into all things GA! Alex moved back to NC in Feb 2018 where we worked out of her house for a year and a half until we got the first Glitter Ave warehouse in Dec 2019! Working there by ourselves for the first 6 months, we finally hired our first employees that spring and had to emergency move into a new warehouse in July 2020 due to a roof leak! It has been a WILD ride to say the least but we are so very blessed with what Glitter Ave has become and what we have been able to offer our customers with our online community! The 2313 Glitter Ave VIP facebook group has become the most beautiful place on the internet where women inspire each other, offer encouragement and come together as a family! If you haven't joined that yet we encourage you to check it out, you won't regret it! facebook.com/groups/2313GlitterAveVIP

If you only take one thing from our story I encourage you to chase your dreams. The time will pass if you go for it or don't so just DO IT! Make it happen! You have what it takes, you just have to actually do it. We started this business with the resources we had available to us, got creative and just kept pushing and 5+ years later here we are. It doesn't happen overnight trust me when I say that, but it CAN happen! We're cheering for you! 

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The best way to shop with us is on our mobile app! There you can watch and participate in live sales, scroll the app to see all the fun goodies, shop by collection or even sort by size and see what’s available just for you!
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CS2313glitterave.android
Apple: https://apps.apple.com/app/apple-store/id1486417378

Text GALIVE to 77222 to never miss a live sale!


Please email us with any questions or concerns at CustomerService@2313GlitterAve.com. We are happy to help! Customer service issues or inquiries will not be handled in this group as it is not the appropriate place or reasoning for this group. Any posts or comments regarding shipping times, issues with orders, etc will be deleted. Please email us so we can help you there!

Thank you again for being here and supporting our small, family owned business. We wouldn't be here without you!
Alex, Mary + Team Glitter Ave